Friday, December 12, 2008

OK. I recieved my I171I (the last piece of the Dossier) on 12/10. That evening until 1:30 I photocopied and stapled everything (5 copies, 2 for AWAA, 2 for me stapled and 1 for me unstapled in case another copy was needed.)

Got to Fedex on 12/11 at 1:30 and it was signed for by RHalon at AWAA on 12/12/08 at 12:52.

Got to love Fedex!!

I know no one reads this blog and that's OK just trying to keep track of dates and times!!


Linda said...

I read this blog. Great to know you I171 is on its way. Not you need to hunker down and wait, wait, wait. Good thing you have good friends to keep you occupied until the next phase is finished. Love ya, ncreader.

Louie said...

Hi Kara - - It's Kurt!!! Your blog is very nice, as mom would say. Sounds like adopting can be as painful as childbirth....Don't worry, you'll get there! or, hang in there, as dad would say! We all love you!!!

KLT said...

Congrats on finishing all that paperwork! Welcome to the wait...

Kristy Tapper DTE 6/13/08

Our Family said...

congratulations---and people are reading. Good job
We hope to be DTE in a week or soooo--darn paperwork