Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, first things I RECIEVED MY REFERRAL on 10/28. She is 4 months old (well 5 months now) and a good healthy weight and height. She has the Zander head being in the 75th percetile.

Second I have my court date which is 12/13. This is both good and not so good. This date is a Sunday so my agency is trying to figure this out for me right now. This could mean the date is really the friday before, 12/11, or Monday after, 12/14. Or this could mean needing to be reassigned an entirly new date. I won't know the real date for about 2 weeks.

I recieved 3 lovely pictures of my little one with the referral. Now there are 3 families traveling this and next month who will be taking extra photos for me. They are so nice.

I sent my first care package, a "My first Christmas" onsie, some of those cool links and a teething ring.

I am a horrible blogger!! So Sorry!

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